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kool aid dipping summer fun

Being in love is never easy. White beige carpet, naked sweat.  A moment of confusion. She is so many, the train is one. She is so many. The train is where I belong.

The old man, with dust in his wrinkle, said I would be crazy. That we were all crazy for leaving the train, but he never understood. No one really does until they experience it. The trip is round and fast. Like a mind, dreaming of oblivion, a teenager dreaming of their first kiss. Its all here and it is always now. Tomorrow never happens, but yesterday lives today. What was the stop?

My girls read past the lines of pretense. They see and they believe in what the ride is all about. Sense of freedom, sense of relief that there is a world that exists where the colors are the hues of the human heart. They see and believe. Melancholy tries to rip at their hearts, but I won’t let that happen. I will stand in the gap.

Bees knees and yellow jelly beans. Things to fray what is left of fragile serenity. Took a swan song and called it my own, with a poem and another shot of rye. Writing. Classic basement prose. She rubbed my back and then left. The sound of the train was getting to loud for her, too much. Too fast. The Doukhobor (Духоборы) Queen heard and stayed. She got on the train and has never left my side. Angel’s devices. Cultured cream comforts of home.

The other smiles, knowingly. Love blooms on different pages with different sages. The more I look to the west, the closer the east becomes. It is provision for us. It is the essence of being that unites us now and tomorrow. The essence of love, of grace and beauty. She knows her hand is warm and safe in mine. You have always known. Духоборов королевы is an angel driven to drive me across the line where the greatest prize is unraveled in the deepest of secrets.

She has seen with my eyes. She sees my soul, with her eyes. Afraid.

Who here remembers Cranberry Flats and those endless summer suns? Kool aid chased with Vodka and dipping into the pools of cool delight. This too, brings us closer.

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