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Beetle juice and melted cheese

It seems that the whole world is spinning out of control and there is nothing that we can do about it.

The US is engaged in it’s “keep them living in fear policy” with President Obama leading the charge. First they lied about H1N1 and now they are trying to raise fears about nuclear attack.

If bin Laden had the capability to launch, he would have done so by now. Yes, there are records of high grade uranium missing, but this is coming from the same source about “missing stockpiles” of chemical weapons under Sadddam Hussein’s reign. Remember that claim? Weapons of mass destruction. it has been seven years in Iraq and the only thing they have found is a lot of sand piling up in their ass crack.

I do not know why people of the world continue to listen to this madness. Why do we accept that living in fear is a part of our everyday reality? Why do people of the world sit and be slaughtered? Why does no one raise their voice to Heaven?

Truth is, there are people who stand up and raise their voices to Heaven. There are those who stand for righteousness and justice. We cannot count on the butterfly effect to change the world when so few wings are flapping against a very strong wind. To see the wind that is blowing, go to drudgereport.com or cnn.com to see what is happening. Learn to read between and behind the lines.

Stand up for your beliefs, even though they might say you’re crazy. Because if you don’t, we are all going to end up in beetle juice and melted cheese. A real mess.

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