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Singing a song of six pence

Crazy days and crazy trains.

Slowing slinking and sinking into the quagmire of marital bliss. Pills are white but the buzz is blue. Man, you know what I am talking about.

God is good and great in this whole world but don’t be fretting what Obama the man cant stand. Shoot, good old country folk know better…We need to stand, unite on this train. the conductor takes us to and fro, the train obeying every thrust of the throttle. Has fast can this rickety wreck run? Pulling on the master, tugging at the sleeve. It gets pretty crazy in the heat.

Trying to learn new skills while flying down a runway. Nobody ever said that a walk on the carpet would be easy, or nice for that matter. As long as my carpet is red…But she loves me and sits beside me anyways.

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