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Selling diamonds on the seashore

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I could see her standing by the seashore, blanketed by the sun. She was holding diamonds in the air, each for sale with a price too heavy for the soul to pay. She stood in the sunshine of the filtered rain and sold diamonds by the seashore.

Some people walked past, but it was the ones that stopped that I needed to watch. They would walk up, a little intimidated or so it seemed by the brilliance cast of from the stones. She held each one high in the air to catch the sunbeams just so. And then she would smile.

Like a Venus Flytrap she had her prey. Slow curling lips, pincer teeth would shine, for a second and then disappear behind those red ruby lips.

“How much are your stones”, one man asked, looking for something to appease his wife.

“The stone is free but with a price you can ill afford”, she replied.

The man looked nervously about, not quite understanding her reply. Most mortals don’t understand until it is too late. In six thousand years, I have never seen one mortal ever understand until it was too late. Their widened frightened stares fill the skies with their screams. They never understand that nothing is never free. Everything, has a cost.

The train starts up again,leaving the pair in the distance. The man has possession of the diamonds, sure that his wife will love them. She will. He will grow to resent her, then hate her because of the cost. He understands now the cost.

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