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Worldly matters in a fleshly body

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I can’t help but think of translucent lights that beckon us to the dance floor. “One more song. One more song” we cry out exhausted, bathed in sweat. The world touches you on the arm and you go with it, tugging at the insides.

Lonely tear drops fall, mushroom clouds of dust hit the dance floor.

Jesus is standing at your door, knocking. He doesn’t barge in, He doesn’t kick down your down pointing the accusing finger that most people associate Christians with. No, He is standing there. Knocking. Another lonely tear drop hits your dance floor.

I still find it incredible that anyone, let alone a God would humble themselves for me. That He would condescend to my sense of freedom and will, that He would stand outside of the door, knocking like a suitor.

Emancipated and procrastinated. Life has been a bumpy road but there He is, knocking. My past shadows me with every step. Every turn there is another memory of you. I take another step. I fall and it is Grace that allows me to get up,chasing the past away. It is more than enough that I stand here on the silent white page, alive. Breathing.

What about you? Where are you? I see you at various stations as the train pulls through. Sometimes I get out for a quick hug, or word, but you never answer. Only a sad smile crosses your face and that troubles me. Sad smiles are for the broken-hearted, the lonely in spirit. You have such an abundance of light within you, it troubles me when I see that smile. I am the only who sees it. I am the only one that you show it to.

The band is ramping up, the lights go low.  They are going to play one more song.

Lets dance.

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