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Seeing is believing

I ran into her on our layover in Chattanooga. Can you believe that here is even such a place? Sounds like a stuttering sneeze. She wore my favorite color, a bright red dress, layers of pancake makeup and a devil may care grin that was…suggestive.

Discussing finer points of the constellations, I tried to explain that the trip was necessary, that the discovery of truth could be found – at a price she wasn’t willing to pay.

She pouted a bit and said in a cold voice, “Fine” meaning that it was far from fine. I couldn’t do anything to ease her sense of conscience. Heck, I could barely ease my own. All I could do was love her for what it was worth. Love her like there was no tomorrow and for all I knew, there never would be another tomorrow. The Pokemon battle of the stars was about to take place and that would surely mean the destruction of Ol’ Blue.

Kiss me. Love me. I gotta get back on the train. Take the tears and hidden smiles away from me. Curl yourself into a ball and lay on the street. The dogs will lick your wounds, your tears. Somebody will. Somebody always does. My heartbreaks every time.

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