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Loogies and spoogies

Wah wah wah wah wah……
The telephone is giving me a headache. Ring. Busy. Ring. Voice mail. Drink a can of Coke. Drink a can of Orange Crush. I should start mixing them together. Chew on A Big Turk bar and feel the Turkish Delight squish itself between my tongue and teeth.

The dreaming priest rolls over and squeezes the teddy bear he has found from the baggage car. Amazing what some when will cling to when they are frightened and alone. I grab a drink of Scotch, chased with a beer. Damned hot in this car. Alien landscape that whizzes by and Mahatma Gandhi just poked his head in asking if I wanted to play cribbage. I think it was him…The people that you meet when you need something more than meat.

Naked letters stand out on the page. I am trying to keep focus on them, but I keep thinking, maybe I should play crib. WWJD? There is a frog in my throat that just will not go. Chamber the 7.62 just in case. I don’t quite trust that Mahatma guy. He wears little glasses and he has such big eyes…

Naked memories that scream silently. I saw Saskatoon under the shadow of the mushroom cloud. The only survivors were the dazed and confused multitude, forgiven of their trespasses. The legions rolled under their own charcoal, ashen bodies. Freedom on a t-shirt but the slogan saved no one. The sloganed petitioning masses could not get their lives or politicos recalled. Signatures on a burnt piece of paper.

I manged to shoot this picture before the sun set. Train was hydroplaning but we managed to skim through like a cool breeze.

No nuclear clouds and no nuclear sunsets. Only the clouds of dreary boredom lull this place to sleep.  Pearl necklaces by the seashore and she listens to me snore. Dreamless and seamless. It is the green light of bliss.

  1. January 25, 2011 at 4:57 am

    I like this idea. I visited your website for the first time and simply been your fan. Continue to keep writing as I am planning to come to read it daily!!

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