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When the Fonz comes to town

Economic woes have gripped the world, more importantly, my world. What would the Fonz do? AAAAYYYY!!!! What would Jesus do? What would  Snuffleupagus do?

These are the things that take me off of the train and ponder this tumultuous reality. Our community has been hit with closures, layoffs etc and I too have felt the pinch of Mr. Recession. I am grateful that I am still employed, but the markets better improve quickly…

Jesus would tell me not to worry. I would be led to passages like Ps. 139,Ps. 119 and let’s not forget about Ps. 15…While I am at it, lets not forget Ps.37 either…I would remind myself of His words about Solomon’s splendor and I would find some comfort there.

I would turn to my wife for prayer and guidance. She is pretty good about these types of events. I would listen for that small still voice to help me be better, too achieve greater things than which I am doing now.

If you were to ask me what my dream job would be, I would be honest in saying that I am pretty close to having it already. I make a good wage, spend a lot of time with the family, play with my dog and am constantly thinking (or trying to) think outside of the box which is great for me. I am not a box top thinker. I am however, I was going to say a great dancer, but on second thought, I will leave that to your imagination.

Bonnie Franklin could do and so can I.

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