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Some mornings, your eyes look like a deep troubled brown. I don’t know, we are a long way from home. It has always been this way between us, draw closer, move further. The stars can only shine until the shadow holds sway over all. Night time chills respond to a warm blanket and open arms. Roll over and sleep dear. The train ride is going through the wilderness of sand, nothing to see until morning.

Tripping on the cabin lights, talking with shadows of memories that are not quite real. Maybe they aren’t even mine, but they seem like old friends, so I entertain them. Stories form the lost? Torrential street life and acid dreams and alien screams. Lasers shooting from CN Tower burned out my eyes but I can hear a pretty good song playing in the background. I see its notes, dancing above the bar.

I stood to the side and watched you. No one ever told you how beautiful you were but I am sure that they tell you now. I can still see the loneliness in your eyes when you are on the dance floor, wondering…You can’t help but wonder what tomorrow will bring, let alone where it might find you. The beat digs a groove and rips through your soul. You hide behind the soft smoke of your cigarette and whisper to me,  that it’s time to go home.

We are a long way from home. Heaven is an eternity away, a heartbeat away but you are still on the other side of it all. Casting long looks towards the train that you cant catch up to, no matter how fast you run. The conductor won’t listen to me when I ask him to stop in the next town. He says you have paid for the ticket that you got, nothing more.

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