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Words have begun to fail me.

Innuendos and other rhymes, moving speech.

The stars are shining unusually brightly tonight. The humming rails sing a song of such loneliness.  Even the priest is moved by its song.Reflections in the glass that no longer look like me, but someone different, more of himself, the man I am to be.

With more wine there is no telling what may come. With a little more wine, I might say that I love you all over again. It’s true but we don’t need to hear it do we? Just being on the train are words even between us. I might be wrong but it wouldn’t be the first time. I can see her looking at me. Yeah, she loves me….

This is a place for the prophets and the saints tonight. On the playbill, a guest appearance from Jesus and his band. What I found sad that it wasn’t sold out. Are there so many lost? More room for me and my buds I suppose, but I would really like to see you there. I mean it. We could talk for hours on end, let the wine drip down our throats, warming us to the core.

It is going to be a party and I would hate to see you miss it.

“Until the day breaks

and the shadows flee away

I will go my way to the mountain of Myrrh”

I would like to think that the many have become one, or will become one. I would like to think that the ages past have not been lost. I would like to reach out, stop this train to find you in the storm.

We are the timeless few. You know this to be true and it frightened you. It frightened you so much, you left the train and never got back on, but you wonder. Oh yes, you wonder and now for the first time, in years, you can hope.

We are waiting for you.

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