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Dirty Curmudgeons and biscuits

I don’t know where to start really. After a day of being on the phone, brains being scrambled in the microwaved lies of CNN, where does one even try to begin?

Sure I could begin with the story of the priest and the women in my car. My one was joined by others and now they all haunt me. I don’t mind really. they are all unique, beautiful creatures that I am sure that once I shake the dust from my spirit, they will be gone.

The train whirls fast into t he night. I don’t recall seeing any daylight. A few way stations with dim robed figures, shadows and wraiths mostly standing in line for their next destination.

I try to preach the Gospel to some of them, even though it’s too late. Or is it too late? I don’t know for sure that they are even dead, but I love them all the same so I keep them in my prayers. Even some of the ones I know that are alive..but that is another day, another subject.

Are you there dear reader? I heard a heart beating awhile ago and I knew it wasn’t mine. I heard a shudder and I thought it might have been you. Would you be surprised to know that I miss you? The priest makes fun of my heart. he says that I am a cold blooded killer with the heart of a saint. Not sure how I can respond to that, other than smile and don’t get into it with him.

I am no more a killer than the guy that delivers your mail. Sure I hunt down mosquitoes when they come out and show them no mercy, but that is about it. When you ride the train for as long as I have, you see how valuable all life is, even the mosquitoes. ( But I still hate ’em) Not a lover, nor a fighter. An observer may be a better term for who I am, or at least describe my nature a little bit better.

Hold on. Here comes the conductor looking for tickets again. A regular bear he is.

Spiders walk freely on the ceiling. I don’t see them carrying any tickets. Do they need tickets? Why do I need one? I hopped on this train just outside of Poughkeepsie, NY a thousand years ago and have headed to all points west ever since. East is a worse way to go. Stay away from the Eastern shore, nothing but heartache and darkness.

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