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Unexpected gifts

There is almost nothing better that an unexpected gift, especially when that gift is A) a day off in remembrance of MLK and B) You have been tasked to make that day off which falls on a Monday, not to be boring.

So I shall rise to the challenge and create a creative, but yet functional day off.

I need to take down our Christmas tree, really I do. Christmas was long ago, yet I still am reminded of its glorious shine with our tree, still firmly rooted in the living room, needles cast about the floor like an evergreen junky came in and shot the chlorophyll.

I am glad that a tree is the symbol we use to celebrate Christmas however. I would be in deep  ka-ka (college word for poop) if indeed, we used something a little less fragrant to place in the middle of our home, like a dead pig or some other meat/fish source and decorated that instead of a tree.

So, as I have a sip of scotch on this fine Monday Jan/18 morning, I will ponder the best course of action for my tree. I will ponder the best course of action for my day and it will include a brief sledding in my yard, clad only in my boxers and boots.


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