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Daydreams and other lunar landscapes

It’s 7:00 am and I didn’t see you last night. I dreamt a lot of things but I didn’t dream about you. Or maybe you were there, in the background, merely watching everything unfold.

Fame and fortune await. But is that what is really important to you? Would you prefer to have someone that is simply there for you, loving you for being you? No pretenses, no games. Only a steadfast love that carries through the ages?

Some of us, chase fame and fortune as though it were the drug to give us eternal life. Some chase “love” found in one night stands and others chase for the love of eternity, knowing that somewhere there is a heart beating in time with theirs.

So what did I dream about last night?

I dreamed of bombs and explosions. Of standing on the golden sand of Pharaoh.

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