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Hiding in the dark

Wisdom in a thimble. That is all it really is. The world moves further by and wisdom gains no new traction, imbeciles left at the boarding station.

I recall an old saying that ignorance is bliss, then humanity has it in spades. Humanity has hatred, ignorance, greed, lust, apathy in spades.The world has a sick darkness about it, worm ridden blanket that covers the hearts and makes us cold.

As I ride the train, talking with people that hopefully are evolving, I see littered debris among the landscaped poetry. I see the fire behind the corruptible words, ice behind the rotting smiles. Why people would choose to hide in this darkness is of a great interest to those that ride on this train.

Of course there are multiple reasons, multiple guesses. People looking for the Truth that fits them, not to see how they may fit the truth. Then again, this is my revelation to you. Look beyond the surface into the deep, where the living water runs.

Silver escapes the neon lit sky and we dance in the dining car.The Talking Heads play in the background and its fitting for tonight. I hold on to you a little closer and I hear distantly:

We’re on a ride to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin’ that ride to nowhere
We’ll take that ride

Maybe you wonder where you are
I don’t care
Here is where time is on our side
Take you there…take you there

We’re on a road to nowhere
We’re on a road to nowhere
We’re on a road to nowhere

There’s a city in my mind
Come along and take that ride
and it’s all right, baby, it’s all right

And it’s very far away
But it’s growing day by day
And it’s all right, baby, it’s all right

Would you like to come along
and you could help me sing this song?
And it’s all right, baby, it’s all right

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