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On fire

I feel as though I am truly on fire for the Lord. But maybe I am on fire for myself. Or maybe I am on fire for you.

Don’t be afraid to step forward. Let your voice be heard in the midst of the insanity. As the Clash once sang,:

“Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
D’you know how you can use it?’
Step forward. Speak what is on your heart. Shout, scream, dance. Do whatever you need to do to feel free.
I can hear you. Believe me. I can hear hear you.
This train is going faster through the night. Some stars have popped up on our right, some fireside landscaped painted on the left. No stops, no rest. A bottle of Scotch, a Bible and a litany of prayers to carry us through this good night.
A little boy is playing with dinky toys on a suicidal death drop. His sister watches impatiently, knowing that her turn will never come. Her salvation will come before she is allowed to play with his toys.
Red light in the distance. Some smoke coming from the dining car. Chicken both crossed the other side. An old joke there but it escapes me. What escapes you? Did you trade your heroes for ghosts after all? Has your disillusioned ball shattered on the dance floor?
If I hung up on you. I am sorry. We never did say goodbye. Did we even say hello?
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