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Body scanners coming to Canadian airports

CBC News – Canada – Body scanners coming to Canadian airports

Are they serious? Why are not people like women’s groups crying foul over this?

Women complain that they are objectified and now in every airport, their entire body can be viewed by complete strangers that are probably more dangerous than the passengers…

These machines not invade our privacy but at 225,000 each are a hideously, overpriced pacifier that will not work.

Dear Minister of Security, Minister of Transport and Mr. Prime Minister, I have a solution that is more effective than all screen ng available.

I propose a solution that costs approximately 1.25 per bag and is a proven methodology for fighting Muslim extremists. As people of all races enter the security area of the airport, have them eat a pork rind. A Muslim extremist won’t do that and if a person says no, that they wont eat the rind, then do with them as you will, for my safety. Please.

Save Canadians untold monies on a frivolous waste of technology and start saving lives.

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