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Loving the unlovable

Can you love the unlovable?

I used to say no, as I figured that I was, well, one of them. I had tattoos. I had hair that reached for the sky and i had no hair at all. I had anger. I had hate. I had love, but never knew it for what it really was at the time.

I had friends. I had girlfriends, but once again, I really thought they existed because of who I was at the time. Someone that liked to drink and have fun. A lot of fun! But that isn’t true. or more preciously, I should say that it wasn’t true.

It wasn’t true then and as a recent epiphany clearly showed me; it isn’t true now either. So can you love the unlovable?


It doesn’t matter what your background. it doesn’t matter your skin, hair or underwear color. What matters is “What is good inside of you?” Christ says that none shall see God but through Him. As a Christian, I would tend to believe that.

But if you are an unbeliever, in my eyes, that’s okay as most of my friends happen to be unbelievers at this point. We share the same common thread in a lot of cases and that’s pretty cool that some, well few of us are alive to be aware that we are alive and not six feet under. I have a few friends there. Wormfood.

As I ride this train that I am on, I hear many conversations. I hear hopes and dreams of those that are close to me physically or in spirit. Some of you are alone. Some sit behind veiled tears. Some make themselves so busy that they are trying to run away from the reality that surrounds them. Some are filled with such joy to be on the journey.

So what does this have to do with loving the unlovable? If someone, like me that has had a darkened past and emerge with people still loving him from then and now..I can try to offer my hand to those now that are considered unlovable.


Donate to a foodbank. So many Canadian families are in need, crazy.
Volunteer somewhere.
Talk to people. Simplely talk with them as you see them on the street. Give what they might need, not what they might want. it is no good to say to someone stay warm, if you do not give him a blanket.

That is my New Years resolution. (Well, that and I would like to have 15 wives knitting me 15 sweaters and to be grand pooh bah of the world) I am an old poop but I do want to make the place that I live in just a little better than it was when I got here.

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