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Ode to a gentle giant

I wonder sometimes about the course. It’s pathway is fulls of twists and bends, darkened corners and brightened eyes. Angels and dust. Alone. Together. Random moments. Unity. Peace and hate. Pride and prejudice.

As 2010 begins, I mentioned earlier that I believe a strong wind is beginning to blow. Faith of a mustard seed. Faith in a heart that is bigger than mine. I have never stopped the race, but I have gotten off the track a time or two to see what was on my left and my right.

She asked me once on a hot summer’s afternoon, what I saw. I answered her that I could see everything and it was the truth. But then, I looked a little to the left and fell down. I tried looking to the right and fell down even further. Now, I see straight but I am not wearing blinders either. I can see the shadows.

The train ride is about to begin and I hope you have your ticket. The train is large and the ride is grand. Oh the places we’ll see!

I will not politicize. I will not religousize. I will try to proselytize. I will try to hold your heart a little while longer and look into your eyes. I will not judge, nor will I cast out. I will try to be what I need to be.

ALL ABOARD!!! This train is getting ready for departure to places unknown.  Let me take your hand and help you aboard ma’am.

Who loves you?

I do.

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