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Darry is dead.

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is a sad world, when a classy actor, like Patrick Swayze dies from pancreatic cancer and guys like Kanye West keep on going, making money, degrading society.

I just read about Swayze’s death and got to thinking about West’s big moment last night when on the VMA awards, he jumped on the stage and took away a young woman’s moment in the sun. Real classy there Kanye! You’re a heart breaker and going to go far…

“Now I ain’t saying that he is a gold digger, but he never has hung around with any white niggaz.
Bill Cosby come on, come on.
Bill Cosby come on, Bill Cosby come on.

And what’s this other big news? Bobby Brown spit in Whitney’s face. Oh my Lordy!

Maybe what we need is Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat character to come back with a can of whup ass.

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