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Truth in packaging

Yum. Gotta get me some. My kids love this stuff and sadly, at times, so do I. But let’s be honest that it really isn’t the best thing that you can be eating for lunch. What exactly is “enriched pasta (from wheat)”?

It’s like going to McDonald’s everyday and then wondering why you aren’t feeling good. We are deluging ourselves with modified this and enriched that. Sooner or later our bodies will reject all of this modified crap and we will see hordes of people eating dirt, to get the nutrition that they really need.

Grow a garden. Raise your own meat if you can. Where I live, there is a back-world city council (rural community) that won’t allow us to raise chickens in our back yards.(See this blog for more info) Council does however spend a ton of money for “branding” the city logo and creating a new slogan!

Make the changes that will create the impetus.

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