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Lunar landing relived

I was 3 years old when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon.

I remember, (as a three yr old) the living room of my grandparents house was filled with people watching the landing live on the TV. I may not have known what the term “awestruck” was at 3, but I definitely was awed by this great achievement.

Life, when you are younger goes from moment to moment, with a few concrete markers, like the lunar landing which helps us identify specific times that help to relate where we really were at a certain period in our life.

This was one of the ones that stood out. Sure, I watched the news with Vietnam, but nothing captivated my imagination like the lunar mission and now, I get a chance to relive the mission and stuff I missed during that mission as it happened 40 years ago.

Thanks to David Gilmour who pointed me to this site:


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