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Day 2

What is the point of self exploration? Of sharing opinions and thoughts with a world that frankly, just doesn’t care?

Millions of people, even my pastor has a blog. (http://ecov.org/jesseblog/)

One of my favorites is from a guy I know. If you think that the Soviet bear is sleeping, check out his entries at:


If my dog could do something other than bark n fart, she would have a blog too.

So why should I have an online experience? Does it tie me closer to humanity or further separate me from it?

As as Christian, I am to be in the world, not to follow it. Yet, here I am, compelled to join in one voice of billions that wants to be heard….an online blog gives people that shared experience, to communicate through hidden doors and windows so I wont see your reaction to my voice and I won’t see yours.

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